Saturday, October 2, 2010

Random Thoughts I Sometimes Think.

You aren’t afraid of: heights, swimming, and responsibility. You are afraid of: falling, drowning, and failing.

It would be weird to golf barefoot. I should think I'd like to try it.

Don’t jump the gun and try to solve something you don’t know how to solve. Learn how to solve it. Then solve it.

Is google making us dumb?

God told us not to worry, yet we do it all the time. What's the cure.

When opportunities knock, your job is to open the door. Not to just stand there and wait for someone to open it.

Fellowship is a marvelous thing.

It you eat large quantities of something in a short amount of time, you get sick of it. Everything in moderation. But I still think it would be fun to eat a whole pumpkin pie.

I would weigh 250 pounds on Jupiter. Hm. :)

Some of the greatest testimonies don't have to be lightening bolt moments.


  1. I so love you and am incredibly excited to know that you have a blog! Reading your post and looking over the pictures, with your background music made me tear up...which doesn't really happen.....You bless my heart so much Autumn and the Lord is using you in my life so much <3 Remember your worth comes not from who you are, but from whose you are and you are a beautiful, precious, treasured, valued, daughter of the Most High King!

  2. friend, you pretty much make my days so happy. Your words are so encouraging to me especially at times when I need it most. I love you more than you will ever know <3