Saturday, February 5, 2011

Current fascinations.

Word= Femininity- having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women,esp. delicacy and prettiness : a feminine frilled blouse.These are often associated with life-giving and nurturing qualities of elegance, gentleness.

I love that word so much! God has blessed us women with the gift of femininity! So embrace it...its good for you. :) Pearls, lace, lipstick, ruffles, quiet strength, tea. That's feminine to me :)

Person= Jackie Kennedy. She was so pretty and mysterious. :) My favorite picture of her, taken by Ron Gallela, is really nothing special. She's not especially fancy here. But there is something about her Mona Lisa like smile. Ron said once, in referring to Jackie: "One has to have a air of mysteriousness, to be in the least elegant."


  1. i love this very much!
    i love you very much!

  2. Ok, I am on a huge femininity craze! I've found a ton of sites and books, that I absolutely love sifting through. I could spend hours looking through things like this. :)

  3. Me too! Email me if you find any amazing sites or books! :)