Saturday, February 5, 2011

A spider is a little thing,
But once a spider saved a king,
The little bees are wiser far
Then buffaloes or lions are . . .
A little pen may write a word
By which a nation shall be stirred.
A little money, wisely spent,
A world of sorrow may prevent,
A little counsel, rightly given,
May lift a sinful soul to Heaven . . .
A little fault, if left to grow,
An emperor may overthrow,
A little word but spoke in jest,
May rob your neighbor of his rest,
A little selfishness and pride
The kindest household may divide.
Little vices many times
Out-Herod felonies and crimes,
And little virtues in the sum
Great excellencies do become.

One of my favorite poems from Luken sisters that published this in the 1800's.

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